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Official Selection - Monthly Competition - September 2016

Jat Jatin (Raghuveer Singh)
2nd Generation (Insup David Kim and Kevin Barton)
The Queen (Hugo Teugels)
Color My Dreams (Claire Imler)
Twice Upon A Time (Paul Borghese)
Discrete Indiscretion (Charlene Jeter)
Sentence of the Mind (Tim Carpenter)
Zeitgeist Protest (Christophe Karabache)
Eat me! (Ilina Perianova)
Runtime (Michael Selle)
Tinderbox (Maurice J Cardwell)
Head (Stav Levi) - Animation
Yezidi Girls (Reber)
Supercar Man (Xiaoxiao Li)
The Night Caller (Craig Ahrens)
She Who Flew (Michael Jay Tucker)
The Holistic Life Foundation: breathing love into a community (Chris Farina)
Torn (Craig-James Concur)
Next Is Best - Little Party Queen (Etienne Fu-Le Saulnier)
Luscious (Xuecheng Xu)
Hell on Neptune (Robert J. Rogers)
The Perfect Day (Ignacio Redondo)
Agrinoui (Alexis Chaviaras)
House Of Providence (Kembo Dieu Le Veut)
Dirty Pool (Brent Forrest)
The Slum Dwellers (Gabriel Diamond)