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Winners - Monthly Competition - February 2018

Best Feature Film:
Diamond Award: The Portrait (Christophe Leclaire)
Platinum Award: Bill Evans Time Remembered (Bruce Spiegel)

Best Short Film:

Diamond Awards:
Pause (Ryan Glauser)
The Same Conversation (Marjorie DeHey)

Platinum Awards:
The Guitar (Michael Boston)
The Different Being (Rosario Brucato)

Gold Awards:
You and Me (Mrigank Dubey)
Final Polish (Paul Kelly)

Silver Awards:
Meadowlark: A Man's Courage & Tenderness (Eddie James)

Bronze Awards:
House Rules (Sean Robinson)
This Is Jack (Darrett Sanders & Amanda Tepe)

Best Drama:
Diamond Award: The Other (Diego Valdés)
Platinum Award: Redress (Jayson Johnson)

Best Animation:
Diamond Award: Pensioners Chips Episode 5 US Presidential Campaign (Joachim Weber)
Platinum Award: Dirty Farm Animals-Teabags For Two (Hans Groper)

Best Sci Fi:
Diamond Award: They Wait For Us (George Thomson)
Platinum Award: The Flap Of The Butterfly's Wings (Masaki Nishiyama)

Best Thriller:
Many Worlds (Nathan J Kress)

Best Comedy:
Kill The Engine (Derek Frey)

Best Experimental:
Diamond Award: Pluto (Tiger Ji)
Platinum Award: Redemption (Samuel Neff)
Gold Award: Colorado Counties: A Journey in Watercolor (Ronnie Cramer)

Best Student Film:
Diamond Award: Muñecas (Osvaldo Ozuna)
Platinum Award: Forever & Always (Yitao Yang)
Gold Award: All Or Nothing (Konstantinos Pateronis)
Silver Award: Heartless (Irmak Tasindi)
Bronze Award: In Between (Ran Ro)

Best Documentary:
Diamond Award: The Commodore Story (Steven Fletcher)
Platinum Award: The Two Faces Of Luther (Brad (Jong Chul) Kim)
Gold Award: The Wall’s Embrace (Nancy Frohma)
Silver Award: Bill Evans:Time Remembered (Bruce Spiegel)
Bronze Award: DJ Paimon: 100% (Sid Singh)

Best Music Video:
Diamond Award: Technicolor (Miranda Wang)
Platinum Award: For Mom (Daniel Han)
Gold Award: God Came'Round (Derek Frey)
Silver Award: I Miss You (Ramesh Vijayan)
Bronze Award: Native Spirit (Livia Alcalde)

Best Director:
Diamond Award: Derek Frey (Kill The Engine & God Came'Round)
Platinum Award: Tiger Ji (Pluto)
Gold Award: Konstantinos Pateronis (All Or Nothing)
Silver Award: Mauro Villani (Guila's Place)
Bronze Award: Kenny Lykins (Shadows In The Closet)

Best Actor (Male):
Diamond Award: Eddie James (Meadowlark: A Man's Courage & Tenderness)
Platinum Award: Michael Boston (The Guitar)
Gold Award: Reymond Miranda (White Lies)

Best Actor (Female):
Diamond Award: Christine Brady (Shadows In The Closet)
Platinum Award: Alina Smolyar (Molehill)
Gold Award: Eileen Kearney (House Rules)

Best Screenplay:
Diamond Award: Santa Quest (Janine Annett)
Platinum Award: Pride Of Love (Kevin Dwyer)
Gold Award: A Single Line (Martin Curran)
Silver Award: All Or Nothing (Konstantinos Pateronis)
Bronze Award: Wolves Of Beirut (Kat Sparks)

Honorable Mention:
New Hollywood (Rob Weinstein)

Best Cinematography:
Diamond Award: Shadows In The Closet (Kenny Lykins)
Platinum Award: They Wait For Us (Benjamin Wearing)
Gold Award: Kill The Engine (Derek Frey)
Silver Award: Pluto (Tiger Ji)
Bronze Award: Vacant (Nina Lisandrello)

Best Score:
Diamond Award: Tendency To Love (Gerard John)
Platinum Award: Kill The Engine (Derek Frey)
Gold Award: DJ Paimon: 100% (Paimon Alipour)
Silver Award: House Rules (Fojay - Jimmy James Hunter & Forest Miller)
Bronze Award: They Wait For Us (Fis)

Best Visual FX:
Pensioners Chips Episode 5 US Presidential Campaign (Joachim Weber)
Dystopian: Lovesong (Stefano Moro)

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